I'm Erica and I am addicted to simplifying media. 

Cheap media marketing

Oh, the media world scary to some, but for me it is a passion I must continually feed. With both post secondary education ( marketing ) and hours of self education I bring the perfect balance of both academic and real life research. Media should be simple, and with my help I can make it a breeze. Most of all I'm allergic to BS and bad design.  

If you are intimidated by the ever changing landscapes of media, I am here to help. Let me simplify your media & let you sit back and watch the results. 

Boost your sales by 100% in 3 months? 

Additionally, studies have shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing

Which one of these lies is holding you back from success?

Lie #1

It's not possible to generate leads using social media

-The key thing to remember is the success of your brand online depends entirely on the basic principle of ‘you reap what you sow’ – you’ll only generate leads if you’re actively engaging with your audience. Luckily, I can do that for you! 

Lie #2

Social Media is too informal for businesses

- With social media you can be a lot more human with your customers. Letting them see your humanity isn't informal, if anything it makes your brand more trustworthy.

Lie #3

You can’t attract older customers on social media.

-  Research also speaks that people aged 30-49 use social media, and more than half of those aged 50-64 (52 percent) are active on social media, too.

With your free consultation we can work together to create the perfect media solutions tailored to meet your business needs. 


Erica Kelm

I work anywhere, anytime.